Lauren DeMarti


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With broad experience surrounding the fields of clothing and costumes, I come with strong skills that contribute to my understanding of design, construction, and fit. There is not much that I haven’t touched in the design process during my two years at Amaryllis Apparel, including researching and sketching designs, making tech packs, collaborating with all departments, and even quality control with finished products. Because we’re a small workforce, my job requirements as Assistant Designer also included a hefty amount of technical design and product development. I was in charge of all my own tech packs, specs, and fittings, as well as assisting on these tasks for senior designers. My experience here directly prepares me for an Associate position, and I have a strong background of incorporating cross-departmental responsibilities in my daily work.

My time at Amaryllis Apparel required me to wear many hats. My ability and eagerness to quickly learn and to work collaboratively across multiple departments directly led to my success in this previous position. I am a fast learner with a desire to always know more, while also being quick on my feet in times of pressure.

I draw my expertise not only from professional experience, but also from my involvement with sewing and design in my free time. Though I know not all designers are pattern makers or sewists, my passion for clothing draws me to explore the building blocks of a garment with my own hands. Making my own patterns and sewing them enables me to fully understand everything that goes into the apparel we design and wear, including construction, fit, textiles, and graphics.