Eric Smith

Eric Smith

Full-Stack Developer

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I'm a professional full-stack developer with over 8 years split in web development and digital marketing. I've been working in Ecommerce where I helped the company grow by improving design and functionality with our production and Back Office sites. I also helped increase sales by analyzing and adjusting data with SEM and integrated design enhancements with Email marketing.

I currently do more development work these days within the LAMP Stack environment. I focus on
upgrading functionality within our Back Office site helping our marketing and customer service departments access and process data more intuitively. I also make various front and back-end changes to our production site to enhance the UI experience.

I'm often referred to as a creative and diligent person by colleagues, friends, and family. If my nose isn't in front of my computer screen learning new technologies and techniques it will usually be leading me through the forests, streams, and trails throughout the Rockies.