Lee Decker

Lee Decker

?? Explosive Marketing through Creativity + Community + Sports

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1. Creativity - as a well-rounded digital artist, marketer, and data-driven executive leader, Lee leads creative projects that range from 15 second social media video segments, UI / UX for mobile, branding, product design, growth hacking, and conquest marketing for virtually any industry including non-equity & equity crowdfunding, big data, virtual reality, blockchain, SaaS, sports, automotive and even apparel.

2. Community - having built a 7,000 person national network that is rapidly growing of tech & entrepreneurship meetups he operates, Lee is known for his ability to connect. That includes startups to investors, companies to clients and co-founders to other co-founders.

3. Fitness / Discipline - as an amateur triathlete, Lee's athletic discipline spills over into his work ethic and leadership.

Lee mentors and advises wherever he can and strives to practice conscious capitalism to cross any finish line.