Ryan DeSimone

Ryan DeSimone

Regional Apparel Manager

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I am currently working at Morgan Stanley in an Equity trade support role and before I moved to trade support I worked in Institutional client service. I have enjoyed my time at MS but I am looking to take a step away and follow my passion, which is sales and marketing.

Prior to my time at MS I worked in multiple roles at Lacrosse Unlimited, a 52-store retail chain. My most recent experience at LU was as the Regional Apparel Manager. As the Regional Apparel Manager I spearheaded a segment of this business that previously did not exist. I worked with store managers, planning and allocation, as well as the creative department to deliver regionally custom apparel to each location. I personally owned all processes of this business including design, planning, purchasing, marketing, sales analysis, and sometimes physically printing apparel. As a part of the marketing team I created and managed the email and social media marketing campaigns for the product category. Along with this I actively assisted in reporting and analyzing performance indicators from all active advertising channels. During the year that I was in this role the regional apparel program generated over 1.1 million in sales.