Emanuel  Limon


Through both a lifetime of experience and a formal education, I can offer a wide spectrum of skills applicable to various fields. While I specialize in highly refined creative processes, technical conventions do not elude me.

My artistic endeavors began long ago; I have drawn for as long as I can remember, though incorporating more complex thoughts into my art is something I continue to develop. In short, my work centers on intelligence, expression, and creativity. Whether I am writing, curating, designing, or creating technical drawings, this notion holds true.

Professionally, I have applied these skills in various positions; during the period following my graduation from CSULB in May 2017, I have since worked as a graphic designer at Long Beach Graphix, a creative writer at Control Forever, and as an SEO specialist at Ad.IQ. The relevant skills I applied in each of these positions are as follow:

• Comprehension of the Adobe Creative Cloud.
• Proofreading, creative/technical writing ability.
• SEO, metadata linking, and content creation.
• Client/schedule management.
• Website development.
• Graphic design.

To conclude, I am still adamant about learning more about my field and will continue to apply the dedication and integrity that are intrinsic to my character in any position that I am working. If you are interested in working together or having me join your staff, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to connecting with you.