Mark Haft

Mark Haft


Experienced body armor and helmet sales and application engineer. Developed the new Marine light weight ACH while with Dyneema, and built the Revision Military factory, which has won the award. I also created a light weight body armor for the ESAPI for Ceradyne and made ceramic plates for the strike face.
Also, I used to be in motocross, I am familiar with your core business and products, and would be a slam dunk hire to grow business in Florida, or any other territory needed. I have worked in Florida planting and farming business for SOCOM in Tampa, General Dynamics in St. Pete, Lockheed Martin in Cape Canaveral and The Protective Group (Point Blank Enterprises) in Miami Lakes. I know the market, the prices of competitors, the head trauma testing, the ballistic testing, the decision makers, and can even help with engineering of the parts. Please give me a call and see if you have interest, I would love the opportunity to grow your business! I can be reached anytime at 256-783-1360.

Kind Regards,

Mark A. Haft