Nathan Taylor

Nathan Taylor

Sales/Marketing/Account Management

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Whats going on!? My name is Nate Taylor, and I am originally from Kansas City. I have been involved with Sales and Marketing for about 5-6 years now. I am skilled within the Sports and Entertainment side of things when it comes to Sales and Marketing, and I have worked with several teams.

I have always had a love for sports since I was young, ranging from baseball, soccer, basketball and track. I played College soccer and won our conference at my university the two years that I attended. Qualified for Nationals one of the years, but did not make it after the 2nd round.

As soon as I graduated college, I found my love for working with people. My mother has always told me I make people feel comfortable when talking to me. This led me down the route of sales and marketing. I got into a performance based company and because my whole life has been about performance, I strived within the position. I moved out to Dallas, TX and became the assistant director of a large company, overseeing/leading a team anywhere between 30-50 individuals and then merged out to California becoming the president of my own company still within the realm of working with Sports teams doing their marketing for them.

I am looking to apply my mentality and my thick skin to something within the same field as soon as possible. Whomever I end up making a decision to go and work with will not be let down at any costs. I've proven to myself that I can lead large teams, set the pace and standards in the field (leading the country for 6 weeks straight consecutively out of close to 40 offices) and manage/train and develop individuals all at the same time.

I do not dissapoint and I am well worth the investment due to my passion, will and work ethic when I set my mind to a job.

Please see resume. References are available upon request.