Alyson Pelletier

Alyson Pelletier

Production Assistant

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I believe my years in the service industry has taught me that the customer’s continued happiness and positive experience was my responsibility and role in ensuring the brand was held in high regard, and that when a customer was unhappy, it wasn’t personal and often was in my power to improve. It was important to stay flexible, be a good listener and keep the end goal in mind!

I understand that success requires someone who is energetic, persistent, and resilient who will uphold your company’s reputation in the same way. I believe that my background in different aspects of the service industry has groomed me to do just that while maintaining an organized environment to ensure my success. Additionally, reliability and promptness has been a standard I have been held to, so I am comfortable with discipline and personal responsibility. While I have never had professional experience in sales, the prospect of being in charge of my future and being able to create my personal success is very motivating. I am not afraid of hard work and I am confident that with the right training, my creativity and desire to succeed will help me thrive.