Alexander Jacob

Alexander Jacob

Filmmaker / Photographer

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After graduating from UCLA my path led to the same destination as many young millennials: broke in their parent’s basement. I spent a solid two years of my post-college networking and experiencing life as a young adult in the tech fueled city of San Francisco. While there, I discovered a passion for cinematography, photography and telling a story through my lens.

This led to me shooting various events and concerts where I started touring with DJ’s who were on the cusp of becoming household names. Individuals like Skrillex, Calvin Harris and Diplo. From touring with them, my path led to Miami where I created an award-winning documentary titled No Credentials.

Los Angeles is currently where I call home, where I am now an accomplished, published fashion photographer. I am open to relocating and exploring different communities and cities should the opportunity present itself. My love for storytelling fuels my hustle to be a responsible, respected creative. I thank you for taking the time out of your day to review my credentials and wish you all the success!