Jonathan Olds-Janka


Jonathan Olds Cover Letter
96 Cunningham Way Watsonville, CA 95076 | (831) 539-6762 | [email protected]
To whom it may concern.
My name is Jonathan Olds-Janka. I am applying for your Video Content Producer position. I am interested in this positions because the duties, as well as the requirements are exactly what my passion, and degree encompasses. I am proficient at editing, media creation, and motion graphics, VFX, cross platform distribution, production operations, and in general making awesome media. I am a driven, professional, and industrious individual, who loves action sports, as well as motor sports. I willing to go above and beyond expectations to complete projects in a timely manner. I possess a strong working knowledge regarding, motion graphics, editing, media formatting, file compression, production equipment, and organized media workflow. My career passion is digital media, videography, editing, visual aesthetics, design, film production, and the process that goes into multimedia creation. I studied video editing, graphic design, color correction, motion graphics, video production, and platform distribution. I have a strong work ethic, and a strong sense of professionalism. I have an exceptional ability to handle large responsibilities on a consistent bases. I think I would be excellent for the position because I am confident with premiere, after effects, avid, final cut pro, DaVinci resolve, quality control, production equipment, and overall media workflow. I am willing to work anywhere, or anytime as needed. I am great with cameras, film equipment, graphic design, and workflow organization. I feel this position would be great for me to professionally grow. While helping your organization produce visually compelling and eye catching digital media. I have great interpersonal skills, having work on teams and with groups throughout my life. With my knowledge as a freelancer and media major I have a combined 5 plus years of experience. I also have considerable experience in the production field, having worked with a leading production companies. I believe I would be an additional benefit because of my knowledge regarding post-production and platform distribution. I believe your position is perfect for me. I would love to request an Interview at your convenience. My phone number is (831) 539-6762. If you would like any other information please see my CV at It would be my sincere pleasure to work in anything related to my field of study. Thank you for this potential opportunity and I hope to hear from you soon.
Jonathan Olds-Janka