Matthew McGuinness

Matthew McGuinness

Art Director/Graphic Designer

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Here is a bit of a back grounder on my career:
I am an award-winning graphic designer, American expat and School of Visual Arts graduate who has been living and working in London for the past six years. As my attached CV will reveal, my career spans founding the award-winning social communication studios The Visual Mafia and The 62; working in the critically acclaimed think tank Fabrica; assisting in the rebranding for companies as diverse as K-Mart and Underwriters Laboratories;  art directed two seasons of the Pharrell Williams-produced web series, Style Hunt, that appears on his YouTube channel, I am OTHER and continuing my own design as social action project, Gourmandizing London. And I have managed to traverse the worlds of contemporary art and design, showing my collages and paintings in respected galleries and museums, making experiential public art inspired by design, and giving lectures and public talks at institutions such as the Tate Modern and Apple Store.

For the past two years, I have been employed as an art director/designer at a global communications agency working in the professional service and legal sectors.