Nathan Fetsch


Papa Murhpy's: September 2008- April 2010 Job Title: Shift lead
Entailed: Customer relation, register work, computer usage (Word, Excel), pizza making, shipping and recieving, quality control, leadership, time managment.
Blockbuster: April 2010- 2011 Title: Customer Service Represenative
Entailed: Customer relation, register work, computer usage (Word, Excel), loss prevention, organization, restocking
UPS: August 2010- 2011 Title: Package handler/ Internation Auditor
Entailed: Physical work (Packages 0.1lb-70lbs on a constant basis), International auditing, sorting, labeling, documenting, product verification
Phelps Tire Co.: 2011- 2013 Title: Service man/ Administrative helper Entailed: Heavy lifting up to 150lbs, safety coordination, fleet maintenance, customer relations, fabrication, tire work, windows based computers, AS400, invoicing, cataloging, emailing, sorting, auditting, product recieving, cataloging, shipping
First Transit: 2013- Oct 2014 Title: Cleaner/ Fueler Entailed: Driving city buses, cleaning buses, diesel maintenance, solo time management Boeing: Oct 2014- Current Title: Integral Fuelcell Assembler B Entails: Critical time managment, safety Focal, management training, attention to detail, group work and solo managment, team lead training