Ryan Koelker

Ryan Koelker


As an energetic professional with a record of success across multiple venues, I can add a great deal of value as Marketing or Project Coordinator at your organization. My background includes –

Marketing / Design Project Management Marketing Communications
Copy Writing Digital & Print Advertising Branding / Positioning
Content Marketing Competitive Analysis Market Segmentation

These unique skills enable me to communicate effectively, grasp the nuances of diverse client industries, and take on the voice of many different brands, along with others I know to be of value, including:

• Mediating successful resolutions of complex issues amongst disputing stakeholders.
• Copywriting and creating new out-of-the-box approaches using inside-the-box experience, while engaging teams in the process of creating the client’s dreams.
• Managing and coordinating across multiple teams to deliver projects on-time and on-budget.
• Ability to be hands-on and facilitate any part of the design or layout processes using Adobe CC, Adobe CS, etc.

High-energy and highly motivated, I thrive in challenging situations with accelerated deadlines, particularly in building rapport to deliver results. Please contact me so I can explain what exactly I believe I can have a particular impact on for you. My resume is attached and I look forward to talking with you about the specific contributions I can make to your organization if I have the opportunity to join your team.


Ryan Koelker