Victor Yang


My experience as the Senior Creative Lead at helped me garner the skills to focus on digital design development in both graphic design and front end development. I learned how to quickly step into a fast-paced, in-house creative services team, execute designs and manage a team of 5 designers. I am able to easily conceptualize and execute on a number of design solutions and be comfortable delivering solutions in either a traditional print application or an interactive design requiring UI/UX knowledge. In addition, I’ve learned to collaborate with multiple stakeholders to deliver content that is on budget, on brand, and meets high quality standards while providing an amazing customer experience. As creative lead, I was also hands on with all photography; whether that be with direction, styling, editing, etc. I also created shot lists along with schedules to execute the photoshoot. Used HeyOrca to plan social postings on multiple platforms along with scheduled e-blasts using mailchimp.
Throughout my experience with working at Represent, I have learned what it takes to sell and how to market. At Represent, I collaborated with celebrities and online influencers to bring trendy and viral designs to life. Based on research and viral trends, one of my top achievements was creating a design for Jared Padalecki that sold over 60,000 tees. At Represent, I collaborated with designers, created creative ads for online shops, and helped on photoshoots with styling to create viral marketing videos for all social media platforms. I’ve gained valuable knowledge of shopify and wordpress, along with understanding the importance of bounce rates, exit rates, SEO, CTA, and etc.

My experience at UPAC has helped me become a reliable leader and teacher. Besides creating brochures and posters, I’ve created lesson plans and taught assimilating Hmong Asians the American culture and language. I have demonstrated to be dependable team member by completing daily tasks through time management. In addition, my experience with Event Network and San Diego Magazine have instilled the importance of organization and multitasking in me to help complete client projects and reach deadlines. I believe that I will be an valuable asset to your existing team and add immediate contribution to the company. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Should you require any additional information or have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (858) 334 5848 or via email at [email protected]

Victor Yang