Carly Mariani


Adventure seeker| Outdoor photographer| Facilitator of creativity.
Studied Liberal Arts & Sciences at Sierra College

*Retail management including visual merchandising, inventory management, team building, payroll/ commission using PeopleSoft, delegation of tasks for efficient work flow & event planning
*Product testing
*Organizing technical training clinics
*Masterfit University; Associates+ Course
*Social Media Content Creator- coordinator of outreach for events, mountain conditions, camping, travel tips, tutorials and reviews, photo-journalism
*Public engagement opportunities/ volunteer liaison to local NPO's
*Customer satisfaction, problem solving under pressure
*Recipient of two "Epic Service" awards + VRR Core Values pin holder + Employee of the Year 2014

Skills/ Interests:
*Public relations
*Travel journalism + Photography
*Nature clean-up's
*Hiking, biking, kayaking, camping, trail-running, backpacking

*Habitat for Humanity
*Complete the El Camino trail in Spain
*Create travel blog + pen a travel book
*Learn Portuguese and Latin