Todd LeVeck

Todd LeVeck

Owner, Chief StoryTeller at TLV Productions/Epic PhotoJournalism

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Since I started my snowboard team in the mid-1990's I have been a self-proclaimed WORST surf, snow, skate, and mtn bike photographer on the planet! Honestly, if there was a wave I would rather surf it, not shoot it. If there was pow, I would rather ride it not shoot it.

My work was mostly in corporate and small business worlds leaving me open to testing my physical abilities passionately with my bros. Plus, we didn't have Instagram through most my career so we just did it, not show it. My mantra used to be, "Live for the experience."

But now that I have achieved a, shall we say, seasoned age I have found a new mantra. "Live For The Experience and Share It!" I don't need to ride everything and every day. I find contentment sharing the stoke of a wave with others. I find fulfillment shooting and coaching a pool session with a skater repeatedly trying to get it right. Thus, it is my time to give back to the industries that made me who I am today, a passionate action sport and fitness enthusiast that understands the mindset of the athlete and has a honed skill in storytelling, photography, and moving images.

My StoryTelling methodology has a brand view that understands how each element of your business or project contributes to a broader strategy. We create compelling stories to connect your purpose to your audiences' desires. From there my services can include scriptwriting and storyboarding, Producer/pre-production management and budgeting, production services such as Director, DP, cinematographer, or on-camera talent and interviewer. Post Production services are done in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and typically graded with Red Gaint.