Jeremy Howlett


Eight years ago I helped create one of the fastest growing athletic footwear brands in the world. With the help of my two partners, I worked to create and grow the Altra brand from a concept to a global, $25 Million brand and a top 10 running shoe brand in the United States. Altra has now become a household name in running footwear. Through dedication, passion, strategy, and hard work we were able to bring this basement concept into production and reality.

Having been through the effort to build a business from the ground up I know what it takes to think different and be different. I know what kind of work is required to make things happen. I now work with helping small businesses and entrepreneurs bring their passion to reality.

I am a growth-oriented leader with expertise in both online and offline marketing campaigns and strategy. Solid understanding of marketing, including print strategy, influencer marketing, SEM, email, events, and social media marketing. Able to collaborate, work with a team, and build strategies to grow a business at any stage.

The strategy of marketing has evolved over the past few years with the addition of online social media and amplified influencer voice, but the core strategies stay the same to include your customers in the conversation. It is important to be available, engaged and involved in the community that you market to. I believe these principles will help any business to succeed in the area that they seek to be an authority in. It is what we have done to help Altra to succeed so rapidly.

Specialties: Leadership, teaching, presentations, influencer marketing, brand strategy, storytelling, video and photo production, online and print marketing methods, website design, small business consultation, online advertising, networking, e-commerce and web development, public relations