Eni H


A dynamic designer with an integrated approach of both fashion and textile design expertise, to maximize resources and optimize design process. Possesses practical creative and technical skills to develop salable ready to wear garments. Operates with a sense of priority and deadlines.

Design Philosophy:
Being a woman, I believe positive design is made possible through the femme energy. Due to the long omission of women's contributions, the female force has become the currency for inclusion and equity.

My approach to solving design problems is through research, theory and experimentation. With my multidisciplinary design background, I will contribute greatly to design organizations who thrive on similar integrated take on creative design.

I have a BES in Urban & Regional Planning, a BA in Advanced Fashion Design, and an AA in Textile Design. Throughout my studies, I gained thorough research skills that remain indispensable to my creative approach. I have done research in areas of fashion theory, contemporary issues in society and the identity of the other.