Mark Thackeray


I am a catalyst for innovation. For example, I created and implemented a campaign to reinforce existing client relationships that not only improved customer retention but also boosted referrals by nearly 45%.

I am a collaborator. For example, I created an annual fitness challenge for our community and enlisted the help of 5 different training professionals (along with over a dozen other companies), that earned national publicity on various media outlets, resulted in additional company sales and sponsorships, and served as the driving force behind many personal transformations.

I am strategic. For example, instead of trying to attract readers and customers to our website, I found a kindred, non-competitive company that already had a relationship with ideal customers and created a way for them to introduce our company to their audience in a win-win situation.

I am a creative Swiss Army Knife. Recently, I've helped clients with campaigns that required photography, print design, copywriting, and video production. My creative experience and proficiency allowed me to create a consistent, clear message across each communication channel, resulting in greater credibility to consumers and increased sales.

I am resourceful. (As the youngest of six boys, I had to be!) I enjoy taking a challenge and uncovering various ways to accomplish it, using the resources available.
I am an optimizer. For example, I inherited a sales presentation and after a few months of application, I was able to make small but significant tweaks to clarify the message. It increased conversion by nearly 32%.