James Mackie

James Mackie

Brand Marketing Manager

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My forte is Creative Branding and Marketing, utilizing human familiarity and association in order to create and expose people to new moments and experiences that have yet to be felt. I strive to understand people, and in exploring the various depths of the mind, I can harness that ability to achieve diverse marketing endeavors. With over 8 years of experience in the high-end cpg industry, I am adept in strategy, product development, and project oversight.

I excel at:

+ Initiating and executing annual marketing plans that would allow for detailed segmentations into target groups while insuring solid project deadlines for each campaign.

+ creating and developing innovative branding strategies.

+ inspiring movement and feeling within brands.

+ managing ad, event, and campaign production and design.

+ developing new products, services, and content releases.

+ optimizing initial product launches.

+ overseeing tones of communication into a market.