James Mackie


Branding and Marketing professional with over 8 years of CPG experience in strategic brand building, brand revitalization, corporate marketing, project management, event design and team management.

I excel at:

• creating marketing plans and developing innovative branding strategies
• inspiring movement and feeling within brands
• managing ad, events, and campaign production and design
• developing new product, service, and content release
• optimizing initial product launches and brand partnerships
• overseeing tones of communication into a market

As an ambitious individual and a person of great aspirations, I do believe in upward trajectory, moving in a direction that will push my current strengths while providing challenge to cultivate my potential skills. In doing this, I believe I can also elevate your company with the same momentum to also achieve existing goals while recognizing new objectives. This motivates me to seek out the commencement of a new chapter, one for longevity and success.