Britt Mattie

Britt Mattie

Experience Maker / Travel Guru

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Clever. Affable. Creative. Versatile. Ambitious. Equable. Scrupulous. Authentic. Smiley. Essential.

People Expert.
Event Maven.
Community Catalyst.
World Traveler.
Pro-active Thinker.
Adventure Enthusiast.
Eternal Optimist.

Earned my stripes excelling in fast-paced, high-pressure environments- on + off the clock.
Plays nicely with others. Spirited team-player, collaborator + motivator.
Interpersonal skills off the charts. Love interacting with all walks of life.
Adept at managing multiple tasks + artful at wearing many hats.
Comfortable taking significant Initiative with hands-on projects/presentations.
Resourceful + able to think on my toes with composure- even under tight deadlines.
Able to hold my own + navigate the jungles of Sales, Lifestyle/Experiential Marketing + Branding.
Proficient w/ Apple + Microsoft. Trained in Delphi, Micros, Opera, Epitome, Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Photoshop + Illustrator, various Social Media sites/apps + multiple POS systems.
Purveyor of the Green movement/Sustainability to reduce our carbon footprint in our Corporate + Personal lives