Britt Mattie


— Editorial Maven.
— Content Creator.
— Journalism Junkie.
— Brand Architect.
— Eternal Hedonist.
— Racy Raconteur.

-Kindling stoke-worthy words—specializing in topics of travel/culture, product/apparel/gear, food/bev, design/architecture, businesses + people.
-Flexible, like the Oxford comma
-Quick learner + Quick-witted.
-Can survive/thrive lost in the outback or stranded at sea, but never at a 9-5 desk job in a windowless box.
-Self-motivated + Initiative-taking.
-Won’t give up on printed maps, postcards, books or magazines—despite being a WiFi-dependent digital nomad and tech-savvy Millennial.
-Advocate of the Eco-Conscious movement to reduce the carbon footprint in our professional + personal lives.