Nicholas Pezzuolo

Nicholas Pezzuolo

Customer Service

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My name is Nicholas Pezzuolo (Nick Pez) and I am interested in an opportunity as a Junior Financial Analyst. I have a strong background in sales, communication skills with people from a diverse spectrum and an education in finance. Contributing to a company with a goal of increasing financial clarity and promoting synergy would be a privilege.

Any sales or hospitality position I have been put in, I’ve learned the product, perfected language tactics, and reached my quotas/tasks before the time requirement. I am competitive with my colleagues and handle objections that some see as a loss. This is a challenge in my eyes and it’s even more satisfying to resolve the situation and continue smooth business operations and success for the company as a whole. These experiences have given me confidence in performing competently in this position.

My objective is to work in a team oriented environment and apply my recent work and education at a top tier firm. I am seeking a company who can provide an excellent opportunity within which to achieve these objectives while meaningfully contributing to the mission of the firm.