Kelly McCoy


I have a unique background:

-Seasoned retail executive with experience in a consumer centric, omni-channel, “best in class” Fortune 100 Company

-Extensive international travel and non-profit volunteerism experience where I have had positive sustainable impacts in the global community and developed cultural sensitivity

Ever since I can remember I have had an affinity for maps, a sense of wanderlust, passion for the outdoors and travel, a curiosity to understand diverse cultures, a decisive process that takes on & resolve challenges for a positive impact, and a wanting to give back

I have taken those passions and applied them to the business of retail and social responsibility

As a business leader I believe that success is built on human connections, satisfying a customer’s need through engaging, experiential, inspirational, and transformational product

As a business developer, I focus on people and their needs to define opportunities

As a strategist I set vision, as a logistical player I define process, and as a tactical player I execute

As a transformationalist, I expose others to new experiences outside of their environment and inspire them to give back

Recognized as Retail Leader for achieving financial goals and organizational development

Track Record of Success: Building,Positioning,and Driving Business Strategies, Forecasting & Analysis including P&L

Strong Communication Skills: Ability to influence and align people toward a common goal, across various levels of the organization

Strong Organizational Development: Inspiring & Empowering people to achieve success as individuals, and as a team

Customer Centric Business Development
Strategic Planning and Execution
Product Development & Assortment Planning
Customer & Supplier Relationship Builder & Management
Adventure Travel
Non- Profit Volunteerism