Emily Volles


I'm a young, female photographer who has recently moved from Richmond, VA to Los Angeles, CA in search of better opportunities. I love fashion and I am actively seeking opportunities within the fashion industry, in any capacity. My ultimate goal is to be able to photograph for an apparel company that that meshes with my own personality and styles; to work within a company that I personally love. Though, I would be beyond thrilled to be able to work within a company, assisting in the production and marketing of their fashion brands, at any point in that process in which I would be helpful. I want to get 'my foot in the door' so to speak, to show my dedication and passion, as well as my skills.
I have ample experience in fashion/portraiture photography as well as being an expert in Adobe products, and in particular, editing and retouching (Photoshop). I also have experience with lighting/studio setup and shoot production, for both studio photography and on-location shooting. I am well versed in the modern tech for the industry, and also have a passion for older photographic technologies. I hold a BFA degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, with a concentration in Photography & Film.