Kelly Nedderman


As a creative professional my experience includes 18+ years in fashion and product design for retail/consumer markets, as well as 10 years as an educator. My design practice spans a wide variety of categories, ages & end uses. This includes work for multiple Fortune 500 companies, numerous small businesses and personal experience as an entrepreneur.

I’ve helped expand and elevate the product offering in Womens, Mens, Kids, Swim and Lounge categories for companies like Target, Levis, Gap, Old Navy, Stitchfix and CAMP, as well as numerous smaller independent brands. By creating striking on-brand art direction, brand development, thoughtful trend research, and beautiful print work, I’ve helped these brands stand out in a crowded marketplace.

While my client work is very diverse, all of my projects are connected by an elevated aesthetic that is thoughtful, playful and highly creative with a laser focus on global trends & consumer needs. As a human, creative and leader, I am constantly learning, feeling, building and synthesizing. I am not afraid to ask questions, learn new tools/techniques or get my hands dirty working to find solutions or even better questions.

Services Offered: Textile Design (creating new pieces, adapting existing and vintage art, repeat creation, cleaning and coloring using Photoshop, Illustrator and NedGraphics), Trend Research & Synthesis, Color & Concept Design, Art Direction, Creative Strategy, Brand Development, Creative Process (flow, tools/tech, audits), Mentoring

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