Keegan Simons


My name is Keegan Simons and I am an Industrial and Systems Engineer looking to gain experience, knowledge, and perform quality work for an industrial or manufacturing company. With two years of combined engineering internship experience and a year of managerial experience I am the ideal entry level engineer candidate for your company. My experiences have provided me with valuable knowledge in metal casting, forming, and fabrication, optimized CNC machining, preventative maintenance scheduling, capital expense proposals, process control, time studies, standard operating procedures, quality control, root cause analysis, robotic integration, pneumatic integration, new process development, and cost savings analysis.
My work experience started at the age of 16 when I got a job as a crew member for the Youth Conservation Corps in Maine controlling erosion hazards for lakeside houses. I was a hard worker and was soon promoted to crew leader in charge of 6 crew members and custom tailoring every job site to the erosion hazard at hand. My first engineering internship was at RUBB Buildings in Sanford, Maine, RUBB makes airplane hangars for commercial and military jets. At RUBB I was in charge of extensive time studies on every fabrication process including welding, cutting, punching, stamping grinding and more. With these time studies the company was able to more accurately price buildings and deliver on time. The second internship I had was with Elmet Technologies in Lewiston, Maine focusing on CNC machining upgrades. These upgrades included CNC simulation software, DNC software, control upgrades, tool monitoring upgrades, and implementing a Microsoft Access Database for monitoring CNC preventative maintenance. My third and final internship was with Tiffany & Co. in Cumberland, RI. I started at Tiffany by choosing to do my URI senior capstone project with the company. Two other engineering students and I were given the task to load a product into graphite trays for oven soldering using an EPSON robot. Soon after starting our yearlong project I was offered an engineering internship position at the company. For the first couple months I was in charge of creating standard operating procedures for the new products. I then moved onto manufacturing and mass finishing where I helped to develop a new mass finishing process. Several other quality concerns were brought to my attention and I was to search for the root cause of a defect and fixing what is causing the defect. Once my internship at Tiffany & Co. is concluded in August of 2017 I will ready to fulfil my goal of becoming a full time engineer in September of 2017.