Cole Rory Parnell

Cole Rory Parnell

Account Manager

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As a professional I've helped companies through Project Management, Logistics Planning, and Process Improvement. I have an eclectic background that I believe proves my ability to adapt to different industries and responsibilities.

When I become a part of your team, this is what you get:

An effective Operations specialist: My talents lie in process improvement and decreasing cost in all areas of an Operations Department. At Wildfang thus far I have decreased our outbound and inbound shipping costs by 50%. I also effectively decreased our branded packaging costs by 62% without sacrificing quality. If there is an area where you can be more efficient or save money, I'll find it.

An accurate and experienced professional within shipping and logistics: I have extensive experience with 3PL, ERP systems, and successfully delivering a product. I’ve managed accounts such as Whole Foods and Procter & Gamble. I have successfully project managed 3PL warehouse transitions and coordinated all processes within 3PL's. I have extensive knowledge regarding how they operate and finding the best way for the business and warehouse to sync with their respective goals.

I have 10+ years in multiple Operations environments from computer networking to apparel. I believe that I have a dedication to excellence through strategic planning and process improvement. What motivates me as professional is to constantly be confronted with new challenges and creatively solve those challenges. I’ve done this by adapting to new industries, software, and processes at an above average rate. I've immersed myself in Operations, Supply Chain, and Logistics Planning in order to maximize cross functional department productivity

In my most recent experience I've added packaging to the resume. As an Account Manager I've successfully managed and completed a large number of packaging projects for Nike. Combined with my graphic design background I've excelled in this position and now have a deep understanding of the packaging industry.