Global Marketing leader skilled in developing marketing strategies to increase demand generation, brand value, and key messaging to increase profitability and opportunities. 

• Launched a new BAND-IT website that drove over 400% organic growth.
• Completed a Net Promoter Survey (NPS) from over 850 customers who identified quality, service, and value as their number one strength. This enabled BAND-IT IDEX to achieve an excellent score of 51.
• Created a “how to” product video library that increased online exposure over 20% globally.
• Instituted an internal marketing process that implemented marketing automation functionality that improved lead generation by 50%. 
• Implemented a brand identity into the market place (design, packaging, catalogs and advertising) resulting in 10% higher sales with an improved perceived brand value.
• Launched a new Bar-Ware product line into the convenience store and grocery market place that generated $150k of positive cash flow over existing product lines.

These strategies are executed with a strategic focus that answers the “HOW” questions by developing creative business solutions that match the company’s revenue goals. 

- Campaign Development
- Team and Vendor Management
- Advertising and Asset Management
- Collateral Creation and Distribution
- Lead Generation
- Market Analysis and Brand Development
- Web Content Generation, Marketing and Strategy
- Corporate Communications

Proven Performer: A reputation of executing a quality management process that generates solutions consistently.
- BAND-IT: $70m / $103m = 47% revenue increase
- Navajo: $35m / $50m = 42% revenue increase
- D&B: $300k / $850k = 183% revenue increase
- Trustile: $16m / $24m = 50% revenue increase