Dave Mobley



• Over 33 years graphic design, technical illustrating and engineering liaison expertise in multiple industries such as engineering/manufacturing and production, print manufacturing and publishing, web content development, aerospace, watercraft, telecommunications, and more.
• Adept in engineering manufacturing design practices, 3D CAD process, prototype design and development, delineating engineering drawings in orthographic and isometric projections, digital rendering, web site design, proofreading and quality checks, visual communications, print layout and design (including full-color process), typography, press-checks, documentation management,
• Proficient in technical writing and illustrative techniques, digital photography—including expertise in photo editing and manipulation.
• Conducted field studies to extract pertinent information for product design and development.
• Competent familiarity with print manufacturing and production processes—includes over 15-years of publication layout and design experience developing various marketing collateral.
• Proficient in Adobe CS6 Standard Design, ArborText IsoDraw 7.3 and IsoDraw CAD Process 7, CorelDraw, FreeHand, MS Office, including previous experience with AutoCAD, Unigraphics II and Formtek CAD.


• Familiar with principles, practices, and disciplines of project management and administrative support, including proficiency in evaluating a customer’s scope of work to complete the project on-time and within budget; project planning, scheduling, analyzing and solving problems with strong a attention to detail.
• Planned, directed and coordinated all activities of illustrating projects with team members in the U.S. and overseas operations to ensure on time fidelity and quality, including ongoing communication with both internal and external customers ensuring customers needs are being met.
• Proven ability in maintaining quality and on-time delivery of projects.
• Provided weekly reporting to Program Manager.
• Planned projects from initial concept through successful completion, continually managing and assessing risks throughout the process.
• Successful in building and leading collaborative project teams.
• Directed, managed, coached, and trained personnel to meet project objectives and deadlines.
• Adapted to change while managing and capitalizing on new opportunities.
• Prepared and conducted online meetings business presentations.
• Strong written and verbal communication skills with extensive customer service and administrative experience.
• Solid organizational skills and project coordination with professional, efficient and accurate results.
• Excels within highly competitive environments where leadership skills are the keys to success.
• Negotiated pricing agreements with customers and service providers, thereby positioning the company to compete more aggressively.
• Procured supplies, equipment and services.
• Created positive control through planning, reporting and accountability of performance.


On time, on budget project management:
• Self-motivated and well-organized. Consistently applied project management principles to deliver “over and above” expectations, even when working to seemingly impossible production deadlines.

Effective team player:
• Takes a “no excuses” approach to making things happen. Known for outstanding dedication, creativity, and attention to detail, adaptability, flexibility and sense of humor and for putting customer first. Former CEO noted:

“Dave is very exacting in his design layout. As a result, he produces work that is always clean and easy for others to work on. In fact, the quality of his work may be his greatest strength… He has dealt with a variety of personalities and always handled himself professionally even in the most trying circumstances. His organizational skills have allowed him to handle multiple projects at any given time that were in various stages of development… Dave will bring an upbeat attitude to any organization he works for” (Bill Apperson).


• Received promotion and recognition from executive management and international dignitaries for collaboratively establishing and producing international certification drawings and documentation that exceeded ISO9000 and S1000D standards.
• Designed, wrote copy, produced and oversaw production of marketing collateral.
• Successfully organized and led illustration team in an eight-week study of the causes and effects of rework. Gathered, organized and charted data. Conducted oral presentation to group, department manager and corporate management outlining the results and costs of rework. Proposed solutions and implemented new procedures. New procedures reduced rework by 82%—saving the company an estimated $340,000 per year.
• Developed and implemented drawing standards and practices for technical documentation.
• Managed and coordinated training and production startups on new product rollouts.
• Designed, contributed and published monthly and quarterly newsletters.
• Developed design templates, techniques and practices that streamlined production and reduced costs.
• Conceived, produced and wrote technical manuals for drawing implementation standards, hardware installation standards, and production standards increasing efficiency and productivity.
• Assisted in planning and executing territorial sales strategies, retaining, identifying and capturing house accounts, and establishing a competitive market position that increased annual sales by 52%.