Francesca Cerami


I bring levelheaded positivity, even during challenges, and empathic support to every team I’m a part of. Expressing gratitude to those I work with is a priority, as I know the value of feeling appreciated. So is maintaining strong working relationships with cross-functional team members. I honor my colleagues’ perspectives, time, and expertise. And when I’m able, I teach and encourage others.
My creativity is an asset that guides me, not just in design but also in presentations, securing buy-ins from others, and finding solutions. I think outside the proverbial box and am adaptive and comfortable with change. I bring innovative ideas to the table. And I’m willing to take risks and explore new opportunities.
I seek to meld my professional aspirations and passions. Being part of something I believe in, loving what I’m working on, and creatively solving problems every day—these are the aims that guide my career choices.