Jeffrey Davis

Jeffrey Davis

Leader - Strategist - Innovator - Adventure Seeker.

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I recently had to turn back on my third attempt at climbing the Grand Teton. Some would take that as a message. I did. The message was to start planning the fourth attempt! Great challenges aren’t often met easily. They take commitment, tenacity, humility, and a willingness to learn along the way. I’ve experienced this as well in my current position as Chief of Logistics IT Integration for the Air Force Reserve Command. We are trying to transform and enable a mobile logistics work force and that change is difficult in an organization as large and dynamic as the United States Air Force. But, we are making it happen.

Twenty years as a military officer has helped me fine tune the skills needed to lead dynamic organizations through seemingly impossible challenges. I can build trusted teams, bring strategic thinking, and instill continuous process improvement. I have cross-cutting enterprise experience that includes key positions in operations, finance, strategic planning, compliance, and IT. I’m ready to apply those skills to the next challenge.

I am an avid outdoor enthusiast and enjoy snowboarding, mountain biking, climbing, and kayaking. I am looking for the right opportunity to become a big part of an organization that cares for people, believes in good stewardship, and knows what they do can make a powerful difference in peoples lives.