Josh  Strzempko


Moving to CO for November 1st.
My training, background and personality make me a perfect fit for a sales or marketing roll within the outdoor industry. My BA in liberal arts nurtured a think outside the box mentality and an understanding of why, and what, causes people to react. Matched with an MBA and my professional experiences over the last six years and I maintain a strong sales acumen and overall business sense. My ability to think creatively, focus on organizational efficiency, observe, coach, and lead by example gives me a strong leg up when it comes to communicating, building relationships and representing a brand. Focused on relationships, I have a likable, outgoing personality in which my passions contagiously shine through. I understand that at the core of any successful business lie relationships and customer service so I strive to exceed expectations on both fronts. Lastly, I am lifelong outdoors enthusiast. I yearn for exploration and adventure and I maintain a deep passion for the preservation and conservation of our natural environment. I ski, ride, cycle, run, climb, swim, backpack, paddle, surf, and play. I am a professional enthusiast who is as excited about the prospect of building new relationships, marketing new products, and selling as I am about getting out myself. Simply put, it’s all about the desire to be authentic, to breathe the outdoors, love the products you use outdoors, and sell that love.