Joshua Gibson


Born and raised in Oklahoma, I definitely live an active lifestyle by hunting, hiking, camping, and training, rather with physical cross training, or reading up on the newest models out there in the Logistics world. I did not find my true career path until "College Try no.2". After high school college just wasn't for me. Thus I set my sights on the military where I served, and was honorably discharged after 4 years of service from the United States Navy. After my time in service, I found myself back at square one, at the same University, taking the same classes over again, just 5 years apart from each other. Level 3 Communications put out a Veteran based training program that was an in depth 2 month class room instruction on Telecommunications as a whole. After the Ops Academy put on by Level 3 Communications, I found my new home within the Critical Spares team, which provides Telecom equipment literately around the Globe in 6 different Continents. Having polished and nearly perfecting a completely custom Supply Chain model from the ground up, our company is not only leads from the front in the Telecom Industry, but is now recognized by our fast, efficient, accurate, and adequate systems. Coordinating, assessing, provisioning, planning, scheduling, budgeting, tracking, and having exquisite knowledge of the full anatomy of Warehouse/Supply Chain operations isn't just your job; Its a LIFESTYLE!