Tim Bukoski


Design leader and creative problem solver who excels at finding out what customers don’t know they want. Thrives on simplifying complexity; delivering compelling solutions that increase customer engagement and loyalty. Particularly effective uncovering core problems, resulting in meaningful innovations for products, experiences and services. Asks the right questions to get the right answers and deliver the right solution.

Referred to as a "Product Architect" who views the customer experience across the end-to-end journey to place user problems within the big picture context. Asks the right questions to get the right answers and deliver the right solution the first time.

Delivered novel products and experience solutions for Providence Health and Services, Verizon, Playtex, Starbucks, Anheuser-Busch, McDonald's, GE, HermanMiller, and Ethicon Endo-Surgery.

> Leads and owns designs for products; advocates and communicates the human element in design to company owners and colleagues. inspires user-centered thinking in colleagues, generating many ideas and then determining the right solution. communicates research finding, personas and customer journey to deliver products that ‘get’ the end user.

> Excels at harnessing complex or vague requirements and translating into simple, easy to understand objectives. Explains priorities and compromises to move project forward and maintain; views problems from multiple perspectives and situates them within the big-picture context.

> Helps balance the objective and subjective factors to lead development of holistic solutions. Applies design thinking to creatively overcome project hurdles. Coordinates with multiple stakeholders to align work, define deliverables, and meet aggressive deadlines and budgets.

> Trained in changed management and continuous improvement processes to define and bind problems as explicitly as possible. Mentored associates about user-centered design, best practices and processes.