Tate Harnisch


Here is a summary of some of my skills and experience:
I have held a number of positions at my current job at Rockreation Inc. I have handled customer accounts and confidential banking information, scheduled meeting and appointments, and managed a prioritized list of must-do’s in various circumstances. During my time as an Intern at Visage I managed my own tasklist through trello, while also creating social media reports, and assisting my supervisor with his larger projects throughout the week. And Lastly, at YSSC, I acted as an assistant to the head of Ropes and Activities. As many of the projects on the course are a 2 man job, I worked directly under him for a month while receiving training on the various technical aspects of rigging. I eventually grew to take on many of his day to day responsibilities such as supervising backpack guides, maintaining the equipment, and eventually, adding my own elements to the course.
Strong Computer Skills-
I have always had an interest in computers since I was first introduced to them, and as such I am proficient in most computer tasks. I am Proficient in Microsoft Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) as well as Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator) . I am currently learning Javascript and can type at upwards of 60 wpm. I have taken college classes in Computer Applications and Digital Design. I also received training in use of Visage’s digital design software.
Excellent Organizational, Verbal and Communication Skills-
College Courses I have taken include: Organizational Communication, Conflict Resolution, Persuasive Communication, and Event Planning. I also have experience scheduling 2 maintenance workers for weekly shifts at Rockreation, as well as handling all of the communicative and organizational challenges that come with documenting, verifying, and editing customer Liability Forms and Contracts
High energy level with a positive, upbeat attitude-
I have repeatedly been complimented on my energetic and optimistic demeanor. I believe it’s been my largest asset in the workplace, as It’s led to tons of positive customer interactions. I actually got my job offer at YSSC after having a series of helpful interactions with a man who turned out to be the owner!