Ashleigh Yob


Avid visual storyteller, Social Media & Marketing Manager, Professional Photographer looking for employment opportunities. Entrepreneurial at heart with an innovative spirit. Adept at building and motivating people to their full potential and creativity.

I’m incredibly passionate about the lifestyle I lead, living and breathing every ounce of what I preach and ultimately allowing me to be effortlessly in tune with the audiences and brands I love work with.
Allowing my personal passions & lifestyle to shape my career path, I’ve found it easy to get to the core of what a brand stands for & how they can communicate directly with their audiences, with an aim to represent, engage and inspire them. With a strong portfolio in brand development, focusing on growing an engaging community, converting social media followers into spending customers, my varied skill set has allowed me to do more than grow a strong organic revenue stream through social media and community growth, but also create engaging marketing campaigns & produce authentic high quality content .