Stephanie Dao

Stephanie Dao

Experienced Communications Professional

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Put people first - it's my going mantra, professionally and within my personal life.

It is my belief that the pursuit of positive social endeavors can be efficiently achieved and sustained through a mix of passion-driven work, a community of collaborative and inspired minds, and the genuine desire to help others achieve their best life possible through knowledge and awareness.

With a degree in Communications/Public Relations + Anthropology and a background specializing in Journalism + Marketing, Partner Development, Client Relations, and Event Coordination, I am drawn to functionally innovative and purpose-fueled program marketing, building and nourishing collaborative networks, seeding individual and community-oriented development success plans, and ensuring streamlined project organization and execution.

I enjoy learning new skills, meeting new faces, and bringing meaningful projects to life on a continual basis. I am consistently striving to achieve the highest successes in each of my work projects.

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Stephanie Dao