Bobby Cottrell


In brief summary of my career journey to date, it has been my responsibility to support organizations by creating and implementing effective marketing initiatives. With nearly a decade of this support under my belt, the variance in each career stop has allowed me to learn and execute a broad range of communication initiatives with increasing complexity. From cold calling and direct mail campaigns in my beginning years to lead generation and targeted campaigns in my most recent role, I've pushed myself to listen, understand and respond to the ever changing needs of a consumer or target customer.

Within my career span I have also gone great lengths to be visible and engaged from the front line to the top leaders in an organization. From collecting customer specific feedback to participating in sales strategy planning, the result of this diligence is being recognized by my organization as a valuable business partner.

If someone were to ask what drives me ten years into my career, I would tell them that is the same thing that drove me day one. I look to continue broadening my scope of successfully executed marketing projects. I will continue to listen, understand and respond to the evolving relationship between sales and marketing. I will continue to be visible through the entire through an entire organization and prove myself as a super engaged subject matter expert. What has changed- my drive is now fueled by a decade worth of knowledge, successes, and lessons learned to yield results.