Richard Longhi


I am a Creative Professional with over 20+ Years of Experience Specializing in Art Direction, Illustration, Design, Branding, Apparel Design, Hand Lettering, and more.

Since my early youth, I have always seen the world through different eyes and a unique perspective. The path before me was never easy and regularly filled with hardship. Rising to this challenge, foregoing college, I served in the United States Marine Corps. This experience ingrained in me a strong sense of dedication and value in hard work, instilling me with integrity, empathy, compassion, and understanding. As a team player, I am an attentive listener and a cooperative colleague, always willing to help out and go the extra mile. Whatever the challenge, I continually find a way to rise to the occasion, using my resourcefulness and problem-solving skills to see each project through to fulfillment. Upon completing my military service, being entirely self-taught, I worked from the ground up turning my childhood passion into a successful career. Throughout my career, I have been published internationally, featured online in articles, and won several awards.