Courtney Williams


I'm a copywriter for an advertising agency, but I have a lot more to offer than my writing abilities. I'm smart, quick to learn, hardworking (but who on here says they aren't) and I can take on, and conquer, any challenge thrown my way.

Currently, I write copy to fit all different types of formats, including digital and traditional, and for all different types of clients. While writing is my strength, I’ve found that I have unique ability to connect and empathize with others, enabling me to easily step into the minds of different target audiences and uncover the angle that resonates with them the most. People fascinate me—from how they think to how they act to what motivates them. I thrive on deciphering what makes people tick and what will resonate with them.

I have always believed that it is not the message that’s delivered, but the way in which that message is conveyed that matters the most. You may be communicating the same idea to two different audiences, but you need to understand the intricacies of both and recognize that they have distinct wants and needs. People are puzzles, and I find putting the puzzle together thrilling.