Denise Rick


Born and raised in California, I grew up with an innate appreciation for the outdoors and nature. After cruising down the state to study at University of Southern California in Los Angeles, I pursued several opportunities that explored the many facets of marketing within various entertainment companies. It was during my college years that I also studied abroad in Amsterdam, where I discovered my passion for travel, adventure, and exploration.

Post-graduation, I navigated my way back north to the SF Bay Area to launch my career in tech sales where I began my experience in building and maintaining relationships. Since then, I switched into the retail industry, which I've found to be personally relevant and rewarding. I hold an adoration and infatuation with lifestyle brands and consumer goods. As an explorer with a curious and inquisitive mind, I love to learn, be challenged, grow, and set my ambitions high.

At Oracle, I received a reward for exceptional quota achievement, and closed my team's entire quota one quarter. Throughout my time at Levi's, I've taken pride in my work contributing the company's overall fiscal performance by booking the largest orders in the company. Our team not only eliminates financial gaps, but we direct irregulars and excess inventory to improve our company's goals and expectations. By working cross-functionally with multiple teams, I have a knack for working with all different work styles, and learned to execute projects to not only meet guidelines, but to also exceed expectations.