Connor Edmonds


Asking for a summary for a person is hard to write, even if it is about myself. How can a person sit and explain themselves through writing, but not be able to show who they actually are without a proper introduction? Well, here goes nothing. My name is Connor Edmonds, I am a marketer, photographer, videographer, surfer, epic hi-5er, and a passionate worker. I have been intertwined in the action sports community for 7 years now, with my start at the legendary Hobie Surf Shop. At Hobie, I was able to better myself through communication and marketing skills. In the stores and out in the real world coordinating events, I was able to learn real life skills that I not only helped the company, but helped myself. I will cherish those memories for the rest of my life. At the moment I am working for a production company called Barrett Media Co. where I have been helping kick start the company, build their marketing, and completely redo the website to make it better than it ever was. Through Barrett Media Co., I am able to live a creative life and show my skills on production, through the workplace, and better my skills in photography and videography. So why am I here? Because there are opportunities to better myself and other companies around every corner. I am so excited to bring a creative and positive edge to every person I meet, and can't wait to show what I can bring to the table. Today is a gift, so lets live life to the fullest.