Frantisek Smid

Frantisek Smid

Sports Business & Project Manager

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Business Skills
• Design and create social media advertisements and marketing campaigns
• Design and create print ads
• In-person direct sales
• Marketing and sales lead management
• Costumer upselling
• Multi—lingual (Spanish, Czech, German, Portuguese)
• Training and classroom facilitation
• Community-based marketing
• Volunteer work
• Sponsorship activation

Media Communication Skills
• Press conference coordination
• TV, online, and print interview coordination
• PR campaign management
• Social media follower engagement and coordination
• Video editing
• Sports media and event facilitation

Tools and Technical Skills
• Sony Vegas
• Photoshop
• WordPress
• Web analytics and SEO
• MS Office Suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
• Bio laboratory skills (Microbiology, Chemistry, Phyto-diagnostic methods)
• PCR, Electrophoresis, MIC assay, ELISA, ORAC