Nicholas Welihozkiy


My product catalog: Wrascal Designs, Inc.
It is also on my LinkedIn Profile.

I have over 12 years of marketing and lead generation experience, 8 years of Sales Operations and Account Management, and 4 years of production experience across three companies in three different industries including softgoods. In most cases, we built our strategy, brand, followers, customer base from scratch, having to implement/test (and fail along the way) in order to drive sales to scale. In other words, I am a builder and have had a hand in every aspect of a sales cycle and corporate infrastructure workflow and bring an entrepreneur’s/builder’s mindset to this role.

As an original at LinkedIn in 2005, I helped not only build the product marketing strategies with the Director of Sales, but I was the sole direct marketing manager who spearheaded lead generation on behalf of the sales team while managing/renewing accounts of existing customers, reporting on campaigns, and liaising with customer service and product. This role turned into Sales Operations where I was overseeing and streamlining the entire workflow of the sales cycle while building and scaling strategic marketing. As things grew, I also built the UX workflow for the first enterprise customer landing page for in bound leads.

At PrizeBox, a GPS-based phone App that enabled small brick-and-mortar businesses to communicate with next-door businesses and provide cross-branded rewards to consumers, I built out the entire corporate infrastructure, oversaw the production of the App, branded, hired marketing and sales roles, tested and launched the product into market and closed customers to meet the board’s goals.

Upon creating and launching Wrascal Designs, I invented, designed, produced, and launched a product line of adventure travel bags into the Outdoor Retail Industry. Having taught myself how to sew in order to see my products come to life, I understand the emotional side of creating and the daunting path of attempting to sell something I made with no idea other than passion on how to scale it. As an original, patented idea, not only did it need to be branded and packaged and customers (both individual + retail) need to be sought, but also the entire supply chain needed to be established from tech pack to distribution center. Thereby, I built an entire brand of softgoods and took them to market from nothing more than an idea and few people willing to help.