Christina Meister

Christina Meister

Sales and Marketing Manager

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I've been in sales for 22 years....15 years as an Advertising Sales Consultant. I sold print, web, digital, enews, social media, and sponsorships. I have attended almost every event in West Michigan over the years. Prospecting, networking, developing rapport, working with graphic designers, attending events/working events, tradeshows, worked with audits, Google Analytics, Google Docs, A/R, attended client meetings, RFP's, CRM and proposal writing.

In 2017 I switched to food and beverage and worked in the CPG industry. Forms, spreadsheets, working with distributors and working with distributor representatives, hired and interviewed clearing houses, design requests and printing of coupons. Project management, sales with independent clients, prospecting etc. I held many hats with a fast growing company.

I have management experience and have trained many over the last few decades.