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Scotty Fullmer

Case Management

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Solving a problem is something that naturally come to some people. In most moments that is how you live. To constantly be solving problems helps time go by too fast and then you realize that all the work fixing the problem gives constant gratitude when there are pipelines of problems and opportunities.
I like to look at them not as a problem, but an opportunity to create something that will make people happier. It's a way to test myself so I know how hard I can push my mind. Like Arnold says about working out, when you think you can't do any more, give it two more. When working on customer issues and solving 50-60 problems a day burns you out. Right at the 60 mark and you're about to get off, you look over and see a team member stuck on a problem for hours. I am the guy that asks my team member if they need some help. Think of that extra help as your extra two pushes. That is something we should all take pride in.