John McConnell

John McConnell

Sales Consultant

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Avid outdoorsman/fisherman in my spare time. Work as a District Manager in the alcohol beverage industry in my professional life. Strive to achieve a positive work/life balance, but always willing to put in the time and effort when called upon. I am eager to bring my professional skills and passions into the same experience, although have the patience to look for the best opportunity moving forward. I am happy with my current employment (although it may not necessarily be a "passion", so would consider working on a part-time or 100% commission situation, especially with a company that is growing or in the grass-roots stages.

As a "people's person" and all around good-guy, I feel finding the right brand/product line-up is how I will be the most successful. Looking to put my work experience into a brand that can stand behind their products, have unique ideas, and can over-deliver on quality!

Firm believer that you can not start your day off on the right foot without first making your bed.