Philippa Brenninkmeyer

Philippa Brenninkmeyer

Marketing Coordinator

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I am 26 years old, born in La Jolla, California but grew up in Düsseldorf, Germany where I spent the majority of my adolescent life. I completed my bachelor degree in Mass Communications in 2013, leading me to work in the field of PR, event management, social media and fashion. A couple years later, not knowing where life was taking me, I switched gears and took on a new challenge of working with children. While working in a Kindergarten, I studied for my master degree in Education on the side, completing that in late 2016. As I am very into fitness I also completed a Barre teacher training in 2016. Now you might ask, why I am looking to once again switch back to the communications and media field, and work for you.

After all the experiences and challenges I have faced through trying out multiple jobs and educations, I have learnt a lot about myself and what I want in life. I am now ready to settle for the one path in my life that I have always truly enjoyed, media and communications. I am the type of person who loves nothing more than traveling, meeting new people, and trying new things. The only way to experience life to the fullest is to broaden your horizons and perspectives through as many life experiences as you can. I have tried more jobs than most people ever will. I have traveled to almost every continent and experienced the most diverse cultures, religions and ways of living. I have met people and made friends all over the globe, and I have learnt to love the challenges that life throws my way. I am a team player who can be quiet at times but knows how to connect with people. I am a very organized, patient, easygoing, and hardworking individual. I have learnt to embrace challenges and use them as a way to grow, and I am always intrigued to learn, understand and experience new things in life. I believe that not only I would grow from the experience to work with you, but that you would be enriched by working with me, as I bring a lot of life experience and outside views to the table. I have a passion for Social Media, photography, organisation, planning and communications in general, and love pushing the limits in order to watch companies and individuals expand with the trends.

I would be more than grateful for the opportunity to become part of your team and learn, explore and build my career with your company. I recently moved to the northern San Diego area (Encinitas) from Byron Bay, Australia, but I am more than happy to commute or possibly relocate in order to start working as soon as possible.