Revae Schneider


For the past six years I have run my own business called Femme du Coupe which is a mixology catering and consulting company based in Chicago. In 2016 I signed up for my first triathlon which ultimately, unbeknownst to me would completely change my life’s direction and provide an area I have found that I am deeply passionate about. I grew up in an athletic household as my mom went to the Olympic trials twice for swimming and subsequently became a pro triathlete. Much to her dismay I hit my teens and rebelled against anything she wanted me to do and needed to have my creative teenage angst years. Until I signed up for that race in 2016 I hadn’t really worked out but instantly fell in love with being on a bike, it did help that my first race was in Hawaii, leaving me to feel like “what have I been doing with my life?!” I can truly say I feel most alive when I’m on my bike. In that time I not only got fit and lost weight but also found an amazing network of people that was outside of alcohol to inspire me about something inherently positive rather than discussing how terrible our hangovers were. Simultaneously, I had a falling out with the partner I brought onboard in year four of the business and gave equity to, in an effort to grow the business. Given so many factors, it was time for me to figure out a new path and would like to be able to work in a field that has provided so many positive changes in my life.

Within running a business for the past six years I was able to see where I really excel which is creative content development, social media engagement, branding, and social networking. I personally didn’t have a huge budget for my company, I started the business for $5000, a hope, a prayer, and a TON of ramen noodles. By year 4, we were generating roughly $150k in revenue. But I did find that most of my business was word of mouth or social media driven. In the past year, I have been able to really focus on strategy behind my personal brand and will soon launch a blog called Mahalo Vibes talking life, fitness, and travel since I’ve grown a decent network via Instagram! I did learn quite a bit over the past few years not only about business but life in general.