Edgar Ramirez


My name is Eddie, I’m first generation Mexican/American and grew up in the 90s with older brothers who drew and skated. My favorite shows were early Simpsons and MTV animations that turned out to be a big influence because I have been obsessed with line art and pastel colors as long as I can remember. At some point I forgot the pencil and push my style every day however I freelance often to take the challenge of making myself of service to clients who want me to make them something fresh and beautiful to look at. I graduated from the art institute in 2010 and went abroad a few years, returned and got into recovery which brought me to work at a rehab and now I feel it is time to finally get a full time job doing something art related. My dream is to work for a skate company doing graphic design and illustration but humility is big for me and am open to doing anything in my workplace that is needed. I have 3 years sober, have been driving to work in Orange County for over a year, can type fast and am fluent in Spanish as well. I like working with mixed media as well as digital, please check out my instagram link for examples of my current work.